It’s past midnight, shifting under the blanket I’m spreading my thoughts far away upon things like this morning’s mid exam at one end, and you, at the other. I don’t know but, the song you told me to listen to, I’m still wondering how its set of lyrics could perfectly resemble the life we’re patching up. Shortly, we are like two different storylines having each other’s path crossed through a shameful occurrence. Gave it a pit-stop-only at first but then it went further from a Domino’s Tuesday-for-two to a weekly night out. It’s stupid but, I often miss you during the day but then I’m afraid of myself because everything is just too vague, and the world is hurting, and you’re the mist. I meant something further when I said I liked seeing you reading Jodi Picoult’s.

But after all, we’re still two separate wandering souls living in a vast bittersweet town where people crush and fall and fuck and fight and walk away. Can we be like anything but?

(Jakarta, 28 Maret 2014)

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