My guess, it was either God had granted his wish or the angels were just too careless on my whereabout.

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And then there are lies we tell people just so we can hide what’s once wounded, cover by cover. So thick it could blind our eyes so, up to the point we stopped learning, stopped processing the hurt. Hence we spent time wondering why life made no sense at all.

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It’s past midnight, shifting under the blanket I’m spreading my thoughts far away upon things like this morning’s mid exam at one end, and you, at the other.

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Nine years went by, that first afternoon of July, on a train that was taking Galesong back from campus, he kissed a guy he loved. Jayabaya was once just a random guy who happened to be a fling. The story of how they met was not so important. Only that after the kissing, he went home with not only some heavy tort law books, but also an unexpected butterfly on his stomach.

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